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balticcycle's Journal

Christ in us the hope of glory - slawomir platek
9 November 1977
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My name is Slawomir Andrzej Platek short Slawek (to pronounce: Swavek).
I am 31 years old. Graduate at Christian Theological Academy in Warszawa (Warsaw) in Poland.
Bachelor of Social Work at Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw 2001-2005
Master of Lutheran Evangelical Theology at Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw, Poland 2005-2008
Seventh-Day Adventist Theological Seminary in Podkowa Lesna, Poland 2000-2001
Technical High School of Electronics in Radom, Poland 1995-1998
Secondary School of Electronics in Radom, Poland 1992-1995

I was travelling around the world by bicycle - The Great Millenium Peace Ride 1998-2000 (UNESCO) http://www.peaceride.org/
Up to now I visited 57 countries of the world. Except Australia and Antarctica all continents. Sixth passport.

You can see different pictures of my life here:

But really all of this is a vanity in God's eyes.

The most important is to follow Him and let Him lead you in life. He have the best plan for each one of us.